2014 Whale Shark Season Update ADVISORY

Here is the latest update regarding our Whale Shark Adventures conducted from ISLA HOLBOX we’ve operated since 2004. The past 2 years the Whale Sharks have not split their aggregation, 1 group near Cancun Eating Tuni Spawn (Fish Eggs) & the other moving into Holbox Sector eating Plankton.

The Normal “Plankton Bloom”has been diminished near Holbox. Recently Marine Biologists have determined the “Diminished Plankton Bloom”is a DIRECT Result of Chemical Contamination from the BP Oil Spill several years ago in the Gulf. It’s NOT Oil, it’s the Chemicals that were used to “Dispurse” the Oil that has degraded the Normal Plankton Bloom.

What it means  is this: The past 2 years Whale Shark Tours departing from Holbox had to travel 45 MILES each way (2 – 2 1/2hrs) This was a “Grueling” boat ride especially on Rougher Sea Days, resulting in many participants getting SEASICK. Unless  you are coming to Visit Isla Holbox for other ECO Activities and wish to take the tour from Holbox we are still able to accommodate you.

HOWEVER, IF, you are only contemplating coming to Isla Holbox to do a Whale Shark swim, our STRONGEST ADVICE is to do the tour from Cancun where we operate 80% of Seasonal Whale Shark tours  MAY 20 to SEPT 17.

PLEASE Visit our Cancun based website where we offer ÄLL-INCLUSIVE” services including Round Trip transfers from All Cancun & Riviera Maya resorts.


THANKS!  Roddrigo The Whale Shark Daddy

Enjoy an Adventure filled day visiting ISLA HOLBOX an ECO destination unlike any other in Mexico and only a few short hours from Cancun. Founded by "Pirates" 159 years ago, they came to take on fresh water during their travels between Veracruz & Cuba. Later they married some ladies on the mainland and today the descendants of the original 7 families are still on Holbox in positions of prominence. Realistically they view everyone else as "outsiders".

Holbox was just a sleepy fishing village 7 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico until 2004  when the WHALE SHARKS became a BIG Tourist attraction. Holbox began welcoming ECO Tourists from around the world eager to swim with them. They soon found Holbox to be be SUPER Friendly, safe, Enjoying the freshest seafood, and above all the Wonderful people of HOLBOX.

Holbox is like going back in time........Maybe like Isla Mujeres or Key West in the 50's.  The Holboxeaneans (locals) Pop 1700 are real genuine folks, Its the UN-CANCUN. NO High Rises, NO All Inclusives, NO Cars, NO Asphalt streets. The Primary means of transportation is by Golf Car, Scooters, Bikes, and Walking the beautiful 7 mile long stretch of Calm Emerald Green Gul of Mexico waters. You'll still see the fishermen going out in the afternoon to place their nets, returning in the morning to "Haul-In" the Days "CATCH". Grouper, Snapper, Yellowtail, Octopus, Lobster & more!

Life is SLOW on you eat when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty,  sleep when you're tired. It's still a place where the afternoon "SIESTA" is a way of life!

We now offer an exciting "DAY TRIP" to Holbox so you can get a glimpse of what Holbox is all about. After your quick Day Trip you might elect to return to spend more time and enjoy the relaxing Days & Enchanting nights on Isla Holbox.

You'll start your Holbox Adventure day trip with a Private pickup @ the Front lobby of your Cancun or Riviera Maya hotel between 600-700am (dep on location). After a pleasant Air Conditioned ride through the Mayan countryside you'll pass through small towns like Valladild Nuevo where they sell the BEST Home-Made